Metal recycling

We are one of the leading companies
in the domestic market to trade in scrap metals

Prices and quotations

Prices for each scrap metal grade are based on the current purchase prices of domestic and foreign mills and on the London Metal Exchange listings, according to the percentage indices, on the basis of average dollar and euro exchange rates and average metal prices on a given day.

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Quality policy

Polityka jakości i środowiskowa

SYNTOM strives to achieve the maximum possible volume in ferrous and non-ferrous trading in order to be able to offer the widest possible range of products to meet our Clients' requirements.

In the course of processing and transportation we ensure maintenance of the highest environmental standards and compliance with the applicable laws and other regulations.


In order to implement the policy of quality:

  • we systematically analyse the scrap metal purchase market,
  • we develop our cooperation with suppliers and clients,
  • we win new suppliers and clients,
  • we act to motivate achievement of appropriate quality of work,
  • we develop our infrastructure and improve the methods of purchasing and processing scrap metal.

In order to implement our policy on the environment:

  • we strive to purchase the maximum quantity of scrap metals in the widest range,
  • we develop new technologies and the scope of processing of scrap metal,
  • we systematically provide training courses in each workplace,
  • we minimize negative impacts,
  • we ensure full efficiency of our installations, infrastructure, machines and equipment,
  • we economize energy, fuels and materials.

We undertake to:

  • identify and implement legal and other requirements relating to our business as they pertain to the environment protection, products and management system,
  • compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated quality and environment management system,
  • complete and timely performance of contracts.

The objectives and tasks which concern quality and the environment are set for each function and level in our organisation, and they are reviewed and appraised in the course of periodic reviews of quality and environment management.

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